Raiffeisen wins the VÖZ advertising prize Adgar

The Association of Austrian Newspapers has awarded its advertising prize Adgar for the 34th time. The most creative subjects of the following agencies were awarded: Young & Rubicam, Vienna North, Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann and DDB Vienna. The special prizes went to the Artistic Department of Chanel and Tunnel 23. “Printwerber des Jahres” became the Raiffeisen Banking Group Austria.

VÖZ President Thomas Kralinger congratulated the award winners on Thursday evening at the Vienna Konzerthaus in front of 650 guests from advertising, business, politics and the media and explained: “Our print products and online portals are premium platforms for advertising partners – it does not matter where advertising is advertised. Especially high-quality products and services need a trustworthy environment. “In his opening speech, Kralinger spoke about the” increasingly overheated climate of opinion “, which is exacerbated by algorithms and filter bubbles:” The seemingly pleasant life in the filter bubble leads in the long run to intellectual shortness of breath, cognitive deficits and one distorted perception of reality. For risks and side effects, it’s best to read our newspapers or magazines. ”

The gala was framed by a performance by the band Culcha Candela. The Berlin Quartet played international reggae, dancehall and hip-hop. The opening act of the “Reporters Without Borders” and the politician’s fright Peter Klien made for laughs.