Hope Hicks throws out: Trump loses his “foster daughter”

In Washington, she is considered a Trump-stranger. Hope Hicks, who was brought to the shark tank of the US political scene at the age of 27 and has zero experience, is now clearing the sails and leaving the White House. For President Donald Trump, it is not just the personal bloodletting that has persisted since taking office: the now 29-year-old is a key cornerstone of his political apparatus.

Or in other words, the virtually last person outside of his family, whose loyalty he could count one hundred percent. The departure of Hicks, who was accompanied by Trump himself and his chief of staff John Kelly of praise to the attractive young woman, comes for the White House at an inopportune time. Just now, Trump had to de facto demote his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner, because his security clearance stagnates because of opaque business and he can not get access to secrecy anymore.