Bannon “best reporter”: Trump sneers at the gala about the media

US President Donald Trump has ventured to his favorite enemies – and there continue to taunt them. After a year of head-on media attacks, he attended the traditional Dinner of the Gridiron Club, a prestigious journalists’ union in Washington, on Saturday night (local time).

He received a friendly welcome from the members and delivered a jesting 34-minute speech. Last year, Trump stayed away from the event, as did the annual Gala of White House Accredited Journalists, the Correspondents’ Dinner.

In front of the journalists Trump mocked some media companies, including “the faulty New York Times” and the CNN channel. CNN recently lost its best reporter in former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. “The guy leaked more than the Titanic,” Trump said of Bannon, who had to take his hat off in August.

Trump also jokes about his own personnel policy
Trump also took to the many layoffs or resignations in the White House during his first year in office. This is exciting and invigorating, Trump said. “I like fluctuation. I like chaos. That’s really good, “the president said. Then he made jokes about who should go next and asked if it would be top consultant Steve Miller or his wife Melania. In the past week, the white bloodletting of the White House had reached a new peak: with Hope Hicks, the former head of communications stepped down, a close confidant of Trump.

Commenting on his recent charges of punitive tariffs, he said they were good for “dying industries” who had asked the White House for protection. He added that this could be too late for the print media.

Why Trump accepted the Gridiron Club invitation this time is not known. Trump’s relationship with the media has continued to deteriorate since last spring. For example, he referred to them as the “enemy of the people” – the term “fake news” has become the constant vocabulary in Trump’s speeches and tweets.