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    Bannon “best reporter”: Trump sneers at the gala about the media

    US President Donald Trump has ventured to his favorite enemies – and there continue to taunt them. After a year of head-on media attacks, he attended the traditional Dinner of the Gridiron Club, a prestigious journalists’ union in Washington, on Saturday night (local time). He received a friendly welcome from the members and delivered a […]

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    Armament and Unlimited Power for President Xi Jinping

    Beijing – In the growing tensions with the US and its neighbors, China is boosting its military spending this year by a strong 8.1 percent. With the rearmament, the defense budget will grow faster than the Chinese economy. The second-largest economy is expected to grow somewhat slower this year at “around 6.5 percent”. In light […]

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    Foreign exchange: Euro to US-Dollar and to Franken clearly in the plus

    The price of the euro has risen significantly on Tuesday in both the US dollar and the Swiss franc. The common currency jumped above $ 1.24 in the afternoon and was able to defend it into the evening. In US trade, one euro cost $ 1,2408. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference […]


“We sell our lights with emotion,” says Eglo CEO René Tiefenbacher and points to a lamp that looks old, but of course is new. “Vintage is currently absolutely in the trend of living, so rooms are immediately cozy and cozy.” 



There will be significant sales growth in 2017 in all European countries in which Eglo is represented. For the region Northern Europe the plus amounts to 9.6 per cent, for the region South, Southeast Europe and Eastern Europe even 11.8 per cent. Restructuring and adaptations of the central and subsidiary companies are now completed there, says Tiefenbacher. In addition to the already existing 55 sales companies, new locations and Group-owned Eglo sales companies were added in 2017, with locations in Lebanon, Costa Rica and Malaysia. For 2018 a new location in the Philippines is planned. Also planned for this year are extensions and optimisations of the production and logistics locations in Hungary and India. These are becoming increasingly important alongside China. Above all, these projects accounted for a significant share of the investment volume of around EUR 36.5 million in 2017.

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